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 8. KOHALA Jodo Mission
The Only Temple In Hawaii Which Holds A Storehouse For Sutras
Address : Kapaau Point, Hawaii 96755 U.S.A.
Mail to : P.O.Box 92, Kapaau, Hawaii 96755 U.S.A.
Telephone : (1)808-889-6719
Japanese HP :
Main Events
  1. O-bon service on the 2nd Saturday and Sunday of July
  2. Bon-dancing on the 2nd Saturday of July
  3. Shusho-e service on January 1st
  4. Memorial day on the last Monday of May
  5. Consolation to Kohala Hospital on the last Tuesday of every month
Kyokaido and School for Japanese were founded in 1903.Issaikyo was stored in 1919.
70 minutes by car from Keahole Airport of Kona
Getting Around
Pololu Valley is 20 minutes. The statue of King Kamehameha The Great is 10 minues by foot. Parker Ranch is 30 minutes by car. Visiter Center of Parker Ranch is 40 minutes by car. Hawi Jodo Mission is 10 minutes by car. Hamakua Jodo mission is 50 minutes by car.
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