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 5. WAINAKU Jodo Mission
WAINAKU Jodo Mission
Reigning as The Spot Of Japanese American People Regardless Of Denominations Are Focused On At The Center Of Wainaku
Address : 418 Wainaku Avenue, Hilo, Hawaii 96720 U.S.A.
Telephone : (1)808-935-1387
Japanese HP :
Main Events
  1. Shusho-e service in the morning on New Year's day
  2. New Year's banquet in the middle of January
  3. Higan-e service for the spring equinox in the middle of March
  4. O-bon and Segaki-e (for Buddhist offering day) services at the beginning of August
  5. Higan-e service for the autumn equinox in the middle of September
Founded at present location in 1905
10 minutes by car from Hilo International Airport
Getting Around
A few minutes drive to Rainbow falls and Boiling Spot. Located at the center of nice residential area.
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