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 3. KURTISTOWN Jodo Mission
Nembutsu Dojo At The Orah Highlands Of A Halfway Up The Kilauea Mountain Trail
Address : Iwasaki Camp Road,Kurtistown, HI 96760
Mail to : 6003 Kurtistown, HI 96760
Telephone : (1)808-966-9777
Facsimile : (1)808-982-9002
Japanese HP :
Main Events
  1. Gyoki-e service for memorial day in honor of Honen Shonin on the 4th Sunday of January (start at 10:00)
  2. Hanamatsuri service on the 1st Sunday of April (start at 10:00)
  3. O-bon service on the 3rd Sunday of July (start at 19:00)
  4. Higan-e service for the autumn equinox on the 4th Sunday of September (start at 10:00)
  5. Juya service for Nembutsu chanting on the 2nd Sunday of November (start at 10:00)
Kyokaido and School were built and called Orah Buddhism Society (Bukkyo kai) in 1902. New ones were built at vast ground as wide as 8 acres. There is a specious graveyard in the sacred enclosure.
20 minutes by car from Hilo International Airport
Getting Around
World-famous for the active volcano Kilauea is 30 minutes by car. Hilo city is 15 minutes by car.
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