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Let's Talk Buddhism
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No prior knowledge necessary.
This is your chance to ask questions, make comments, or just listen

On the premises of Zojo-ji, the large Jodo Shu temple in front of Tokyo Tower.3 minutes from Akabanebashi station
Toei O-edo line, 5 minutes from Onarimon station
Toei Mita line, 10 minutes from Kamiya-cho station
Hibiya line, 5 minutes from Daimon station
Toei Asakusa line, and 15 minutes from Hamamatsu-cho station JR Yamanote line.


There is no entrance fee but the number of people is limited to 20, so please let us know if you are coming by contacting:
Tel:03-5472-6571 (9:00am-5:00pm/Monday-Friday)
Contact us

Organized by:Jodo Shu Department of Social and International Affeairs
Support by: Jodo Shu Ho-on Meisho-kai

 Previous Sessions

No.9    The New Buddhists of India by Rev. Dharmachari Lokamitra
No.8    The Daily Life of a Female Buddhist Priest by Rev. Ikko Hibino
No.7    Understanding Humanity in Honen's Buddhism by Rev. Sho-on Hattori
No.6    Higan, The Other Shore by Rev. Koshi Ikawa
No.5    The Logical Core of Pure Land Buddhism by Rev. Masao Fujiki
No.4    Misconceptions about Key Buddhist Teachings by Rev. Saicho Iwata
No.3    What does Buddhism Contribute to the West? by Prof. Kodo Matsunami
No.2    The Beginning of the Buddha Image and the Japanese Buddhist Pantheon by Prof. Emeritus Ryojun Sato
No.1    The Features of Japanese Buddhism by Prof. Emeritus Noriyoshi Tamaru
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