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Main Temples in Japan
 7. Head Temple: Komyoji Temple
by Ryochu Shonin in 1240 A.D.
6-7-19 Zaimokuza
Kamakura City,
Kanagawa 248-0013
Located in the middle of the old city of Kamakura, Komyoji Temple is known as "The Lotus Temple" for its beautiful lotus gardens. This prominent temple was established by Ryochu Shonin, the third patriarch of Jodo Shu. It was originally set up to spread and develop the teachings of Jodo Shu throughout the eastern part of Japan.

From October 12-14 an annual event called "Ojyuya" takes place. In this ceremony, Nembutsu recited for ten days and nights is considered to be superior to doing any other virtuous deed for one thousand days. The hall of worship is packed full of people listening to sutras recited by formally dressed priests throughout the night.

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