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Main Temples in Japan
 6. Head Temple: Zendoji Temple
By Bencho Shonin in 1191 A.D.
550 Iida, Zendoujimachi
Kurume City
Fukuoka-ken 839-0824
This temple was founded by Bencho Shonin, the second patriarch of Jodo Shu. Bencho Shonin was a senior disciple of Honen Shonin, and spread the Nembutsu tradition of Honen Shonin in Kyushu.

The main temple building has been proclaimed as a cultural asset, and there are many camphor trees and bodhi trees covering the grounds where the main worship hall is located.

The temple holds a festival every March honoring Bencho Shonin, and the grand ceremony is almost like watching a historical play. Zendoji Temple is also known to be a place to pray for the safe birth of a child and many visitors come throughout the year.

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