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Main Temples in Japan
 5. Head Temple: Shojokein Temple
By En'nin Shonin in 860 A.D.
Hirokoji noboru, Teramachi
This historically prestigious temple has had an intimate relationship with the Imperial family, and was the location of many Imperial ceremonies. The temple was originally located inside of Kyoto Gosho (Imperial Residence) and was used as an arena for Imperial prayer. Many of the chief priests were originally Imperial family members.

Honen Shonin first appointed this temple to be a Jodo Shu temple during the era of Emperor Takakura. It was later moved to its current location during the mid-16th century (Tensho era), by the ruler of the country at that time, Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

The temple is home to many cultural assets, such as the famous Miedo which houses a wooden statue of Honen Shonin, as well many other old, carefully maintained buildings. A portrait of Amida Buddha is considered to be a national cultural asset.

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