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Main Temples in Japan
 4. Head Temple: Hyakumanben Chionji Temple
Following Honen Shonin's activities, Genchi Shonin developed its foundation of this temple in the 13th century A.D
103 Tanakamonzen-cho
Kyoto 606-8225
Honen Shonin lived at this temple during the performance of the Service of Hyakumanben Nembutsu (one million recitations of Nembutsu). During this period, the spread of a disease was rampant; however, the outbreaks stopped when Nembutsu was recited one million times. It took seven days and the temple became the originator of "One Million Recitations of Nembutsu."

Even today, the temple is well known for chanting Nembutsu while many priests and laypeople hold large Juzus (prayer beads) during Gyoki-e (the memorial service for Honen Shonin).

Hyakumanben Chionji Temple is home to a number of historical treasures including several national cultural assets. It is called one of the greatest temples within Jodo Shu.

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