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Main Temples in Japan
 3. Head Temple: Konkai-Komyoji Temple
By Honen Shonin in 1175 A.D.
121 Kurodani-cho
Kyoto 606-8331
This prestigious temple is located where the true teachings of Pure Land Buddhism were taught for the first time in Japan. It is said that the temple was granted to Honen Shonin by his teacher, a priest, when Honen Shonin was seen in a purplish cloud and was encouraged by Master Zendo, the Chinese systematizer of Pure Land Buddhism.

Ichimai Kishomon (A Single-Sheeted Covenant), said to be written by Honen Shonin himself, remains in the temple. There is also a framed statement from Emperor Go-Komatsu in the center of the Front Gate (Sanmon), which states that Konkai-Komyoji Temple was the first place where the true teachings of Jodo Shu were taught in Japan. This gate is often used during a historical television or a movie production.

A famous statue of Amida Buddha, the final sculpture of the late, well-known priest, Eshinsozu Genshin, is prominently displayed on the temple grounds.

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