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Main Temples in Japan
 1. Grand Head Temple: Chion-in Temple
By Genchi Shonin in 1234 A.D.
400 Rinka-cho
Kyoto 605-0062
Chion-in Temple is located in Kyoto, the old capital where Honen Shonin resided and founded Jodo Shu. It is considered to be Jodo Shu's most dignified temple, with a front gate (Sanmon) in the largest class of wooden architecture. There are more than one hundred buildings, with many cultural assets, five national treasures including a portrait of Honen Shonin and other fine works of art glorifying the beautiful world of the Pure Land.

One of the seven mysteries of Chion-in Temple is its cloisters, which squeak like nightingales when people walk through (Uguisubari). The memorial service for Honen Shonin takes place every year between April 19-25, and there are many other annual Jodo Shu events which attract many visitors throughout the year.

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